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Customs Rules

Import regulations::

For persons of 16 years of age or older:
- 200 cigarettes or one box of cigars (number of cigars depends on intended length of stay and is subject to criteria of customs);
- unopened bottle of alcoholic liquor with a maximum of 2 liters;
- 2 bottles of perfume for personal use in opened bottles.
Prohibited: all animal products (e.g. cheese, meat, sausages etc.), fresh vegetables, fruits, plants, etc.

Arms and Ammunition regulations::

Passenger are allowed to import:
- one revolver with ten capsules, or
- a shotgun with 100 cartridges, or
- 500 caps, and
- two pounds of gunpowder, and
- ten pounds of pellets.
Import of firearms and ammunition must be supported by an appropriate license obtained prior to arrival from the Ministry of Interior and Police. In absence of a license, firearms and ammunition will be held by Customs until a license is arranged or until departure of the passenger.
Those intending to visit the Dominican Republic with the purpose of hunting must request a permit from the Ministry of Interior and Police via the General Direction of Tourism.

Export regulations::

Free export of reasonable quantities of tobacco products and spirits.


Cats and dogs: A Health Certificate is required issued within 15 days prior to arrival by a competent veterinarian in country of origin, stating that animals are in good health and coming from an area free from serious diseases during the last 3 months. They must be vaccinated against rabies and parvovirus within a period of more than one month and less than one year prior to arrival.

Other animals: permit issued by "Direccion de Ganaderia, Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura" (Director of Cattle Breeding, State Secretary of Agriculture) at Santo Domingo. Permit specifies period of quarantine if applicable (quarantine facilities only available at SDQ). Non-compliance with regulations for pets will result in the destruction or deportation of animals to country of origin at passenger's expense.

Prohibited: the import of any type of bird.

Baggage Clearance regulations::

Baggage is cleared at first airport of entry.
- Passengers arriving on international flights and transiting with the same airplane to another airport in Dominican Rep. In that case the baggage will be cleared at the airport of the final destination;
- Passengers transiting to a third country.

Airport Embarkation Tax

Departure Tax of USD 20.- is normally included in the ticket. However, if not included, this must be paid on departure. The tax also increases depending on the length of stay.
Place of payment: Migration Office.

Currency rules

Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Dominican Peso-DOP): prohibited.
Foreign currencies: if declared on arrival, traveler's cheques: unlimited. At departure 30% of the originally exchanged foreign currencies can be reconverted, only if showing original receipt.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Dominican Peso-DOP): prohibited.
Foreign currencies: up to the amounts imported and declared, traveler's cheques unlimited.

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